Customer Interview – The Connection Between Art and Fashion

Customer Interview – The Connection Between Art and Fashion


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Among the greatest achievements for a fashion brand is to gain recognition from other artists. One of our customers, Vidar Ericsson, recently ordered an Organic Jersey Set from us and we were curious to get his view on the connection between art and fashion.

Tell me about yourself?

My name is Vidar and I have been painting and working with art since 2014. Currently, I’m studying at Oslo Academy of Arts. The past year, I have been showing my work at different galleries and been an exhibitor at Liljevalchs Spring Salon.

What kind of art do you make?

I work with experimental and abstract art. My primary focus is paintings but I also make sculptures and installations. In case of the latter, I usually work with shapes and colours that unite the pieces in a larger context, creating a relation between the room and the objects.

Do you see any similarities between art and fashion?

They are connected for sure. In both art and fashion, it’s all about gathering inspiration from different styles and eras. The combination of colours and materials is interesting to me, no matter if it’s art, fashion, architecture or other types of design work. One colour alone is rarely interesting in and of itself, but when it’s combined with other colours and shapes something happens.

What trends would you like to see more of in the future? 

I want more focus to be placed on sustainability – clothes that can endure the traces of time. I also like the growing trend of second-hand clothing and the use of organic and leftover fabrics. Me and my friends often trade clothes with each other to keep our wardrobes interesting. When it comes to fashion trends, I’m not sure, I generally like clothes that combines functionality and comfort. I also like to wear something unique but preferably it should have a minimalistic vibe to it.   

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