Good thing we are not fighting Goliath

Good thing we are not fighting Goliath

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To start a fashion brand you have to be mad. It is estimated that 75 % of all startups fail, and the fashion industry is one of the most competitive spaces there are. With some of the world's largest companies constantly coming out with new designs, it is full on David and Goliath from the start. Good thing we are not fighting Goliath, in fact, we are trying to escape him.  

The idea behind Carnal Apparel was born during a trip to Mexico. Seeing the colourful streets and experiencing the laid-back vibe gave us the idea to bring more creativity and colour to the minimalistic Scandinavian fashion scene without compromising its roots. Coming back, we started to collaborate with our designer who was strongly influenced by the style of the ‘60s and ‘70s. Putting the pieces together we saw that the lavish style of this fashion era went hand in hand with the playful patterns, fabrics and colours which had been our root of inspiration, and so Carnal Apparel was born. 

Going back to the David and Goliath reference, being small is sometimes a good thing. In our case we had to sew our entire collection ourselves. Luckily, our designer has been sewing all her life. Creating our clothes by hand enables us to put great care into every detail and make adjustments to our designs until they fit our vision perfectly. It also allows us to make sure that the working environment is humane and meets our standards.

The path for sustainable fashion has already been paved by great brands like Asket, Nudie and Patagonia to name a few. We aim to take it a step further and continue to produce all our clothes by hand using sustainable fabrics, targeting the artistic community that appreciates the extra effort that goes into these details.  Only time will tell if this is a viable business model but nothing disruptive has ever emerged from submitting to the rules of the Goliaths of this world. 


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