What haute couture and grandmother’s socks have in common

What haute couture and grandmother’s socks have in common

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Ranging from dresses that takes between 100 and 700 hours to make and sloppy socks that you barely can stick your foot in before it comes out on the other side, handmade garments can indeed come in many different shapes and forms. Choosing quality pieces, machine-made or handmade, will allow you to use them for years to come. Looking past the material form, handcrafted goods come with several advantages compared to industrially produced goods. Below, we list the main reasons to why we have chosen to keep our garments handmade.

Deeper connections

In 2016 Sony music used an AI software called Flow Machines to create a Beatles style melody, which later was used to produce a pop song called “Daddy’s car”. In the fashion industry machines have played a role since the industrial revolution. Today, large brands are able to use sophisticated data collection technologies to understand customers’ needs and make designs based on what they find. Technology can be a fantastic thing but we are confident that we are not the only ones who would rather hear a Beatles tune from the band itself. On the same grounds, we think there is something special with a handmade piece of clothing, showcasing the artist’s craftsmanship from idea to finished product.

Environmental impact

This point goes without saying and is, without a doubt, one of the biggest advantages with buying goods that are handmade and not industrially processed. Large brands often use facilities that produce emissions and pollute the environment.  Handmade brands on the other hand, are most commonly created in small studios with little or no negative impact on the environment. 


To maintain sustainable margins while keeping the prices down, factory produced brands engage in bulk buying and mass production. If the line is successful this means that thousands of people will wear the same garments. On the contrary, handmade brands produce their designs in limited editions without competing with price. What you pay for is essentially the opportunity to wear something unique which has been getting its creator’s full attention throughout the development process.

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