Introducing Carnal Apparel: Redefining Fashion with Conscientious Gender-Neutral Creations

Carnal Apparel is a gender-neutral fashion brand, born and bred in the culturally diverse city of Malmö, Sweden. We draw inspiration from the rich artistic scene that surrounds us, creating unique and interesting designs that aspires to have a special place in someone's wardrobe. With a commitment to sustainability, quality, and innovation, we offer our continuously released designs directly to customers, allowing us to be conscientious with every design while keeping prices accessible to a wider audience.

Sustainable, High-Quality Design

At Carnal Apparel, we believe in producing sustainable fashion that lasts. Our approach to sustainability involves creating high-quality designs with garments that endures the test of time. We limit our volumes and commit to selling every piece that we produce which means that we will keep a design on our website until it's sold out. By working with European garment makers and keeping our production in Europe, we ensure that our processes are ethical and environmentally conscious.

Continuous Releases, No Collections

Breaking away from the traditional fashion calendar, we release our designs continuously, rather than in seasonal collections. This approach allows us to offer fresh, innovative designs on an ongoing basis, reminiscent of releasing singles instead of albums. Occasionally, we will release multiple pieces simultaneously.

Discover Carnal 

Visit our website at https://carnalapparel.com/ and join us in our journey to redefine fashion.

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