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Our soul lies in experimenting with patterns and fabrics. We want the bearers of our clothes to feel that they wear unique pieces of quality.  In order to control every step of production and adhere to our slow fashion values, all our designs are handmade in Europe.

Our story

The idea behind Carnal Apparel came to life during a trip to Mexico. Seeing the colourful streets and experiencing the laid-back vibe gave Erik Lindstrand, our creative head, the idea to bring more creativity to the minimalistic Scandinavian fashion scene without compromising its roots. Coming back, he partnered up with the Swedish model and long-term friend Joel Willfors and a designer who was strongly influenced by the style of the ‘60s and ‘70s. Putting the pieces together they saw that the lavish style of this fashion era went hand in hand with the playful patterns, fabrics and colours which had been Erik’s root of inspiration. The result of their work is an experimental collection based in Scandinavia, influenced by South America and inspired by a trip five decades back in time.

Our values

Our aim is to produce all our clothes in a slow fashion manner without compromising on quality. To achieve the best result and optimise our logistics all our shits are made in Europe and our fabrics are hand-picked from European wholesalers . Using this line of production, we aim to not only give life to Scandinavian fashion but also to the textile industry and the people working in it.

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